PVFCCo continued rewarding gold to more winners of “Phu My Urea - Millions of Love” program


PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) just successfully organized the final event of rewarding gold to the lucky winners of “Phu My Urea - Millions of Love” program.

Specifically, on September 20, 2017, in Ho Chi Minh City, PVFCCo organized the 2nd and 3rd lucky draw event for messages that were successfully sent to 8083 from July 31st  to September 13th, 2017 to find lucky winners of 10 “Than Tai” prizes (i.e. God of Fortune), each has a worth of 1 tael of SJC 9999 gold, 05 “Phu Quy” prizes (i.e. Riches and Honors), each has a worth of 2 taels of SJC 9999 gold; and especially 01 special “Boi Thu” prize (i.e. Jackpot) with a worth of 10 taels of SJC 9999 gold, which is applied to all eligible customers that successfully sent their messages from the beginning of the program. The lucky draw event was held in a solemn and public ceremony in compliance with provisions of law and rules of the program, and it was also attended and monitored by representatives of functional agencies, public media, agents, and farmers, etc.

Immediately after the draw, the representative of PVFCCo quickly informed, and directly visited and rewarded the prizes to lucky winners. As the luckiest customer of the program who won “Boi Thu” prize, Mr. Do Quang Nam from Bao Loc, Lam Dong, said with emotions: “My family and I are very happy to receive this prize. Actually, I have never thought that I may become the winner of 10 taels of gold. My family has been always trusting Phu My Urea, Phu My NPK, and Phu My MOP products. Our crops always grow well and are highly productive. I would like to send my best regards to the Company. We will continue using Phu My fertilizer products in the future.

“Phu My Urea - Millions of Love” promotion program was held by PVFCCo from June 15th , 2017 to September 13th , 2017 on national scale to celebrate the event that Phu My Fertilizer Plant reached the production of 10 million tons. The program attracted a lot of attention and participation from local farmers with over 1 million of SMSs sent to 8083, more than 20 thousands of inquiries to the Hotline and website for more information on the program. After the program, there have been a total of 50 taels of SJC 9999 gold rewarded to lucky winners of “Boi Thu”, “Phu Quy”, and “Than Tai”, as well as over 700,000 telephone cards with a value of 10,000 VND, directly credited to mobile accounts of customers that won “Dong Hanh” prizes (i.e Companion prize). Total value of prizes that PVFCCo has rewarded is over 9 billion dongs.

Mr. Duong Tri Hoi – Vice President of PVFCCo, said: “This program is a truly deep and meaningful tribute of PVFCCo to the farmers who have been trusting and using Phu My Urea products in the past years. In the upcoming time, with the opening of NPK Phu My Plant, PVFCCo will continue offering high-quality Phu My fertilizer products and more meaningful programs to remain the farmers' trusted companion for bountiful harvests on national scale.”