On October 22nd  2020 was held a rehearsal of firefighting and rescue at Phu My Fertilizer Plant. The purpose of the rehearsal is supporting proactive forces in responding to large-scale incidents beyond the response capacity of based-forces such as fire, explosion, chemical leakage, natural disasters and limited damage, contributing to ensure production safety and energy security. In the same time, there is an occasion for improving practical skills, techniques of emergency rescue team as well as inspecting and evaluating the suitable level of emergency rescue process of Phu My Fertilizer Plant to corresponding updates with current situation.

Participants of the rehearsal were Firefighting and Rescue Police Department - Police Department of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, specialized Firefighting team of Phu My Fertilizer Plant, the Industrial Park’s Police Station and firefighting teams of units in the industrial park.

Executing the rehearsal

Practicing firefighting

An imitative situation of the rehearsal was incident that made an amount of Ammonia gas leaked out to the environment. Due to unexpected incident, the amount of Ammonia gas cannot be controlled and encounter the power source to cause the fire.

At the rehearsal, the local emergency rescue forces implemented rescue as plan, firefighting forces at the Plant quickly proceeded to participate in the rescue. It is successful rehearsal because of sense of urgency and responsibility and it demonstrates good coordination between forces at the Plant, the forces of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province and units based in the same area.

After the rehearsal, the leader of Firefighting Police Department and the Board of Management met to learn from experience. In the meeting, the Firefighting Police representative highly evaluated the preparation and implementation of the rehearsal at the plant: The rehearsal plan, facilities are fully prepared, detailed, specific, to meet the requirements of the rehearsal. In addition, the plant’s employees participated seriously, with quality and efficiency.

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