On 20 December 2018 in Hanoi, PVFCCo had the honor to be certified as a Vienam Value awardee in 2018, and this is the 3rd consecutive time since PVFCCo’s first participation in 2014.

Being continuously granted as the National Brand, PVFCCo deserves to be a leading company in the field of agricultural materials. This is the opportunity for the product range including Phu My Urea, Phu My NPK, Phu My Kali, Phu My DAP, etc. to approach customers of the domestic market more vertically and horizontally, as well as reach further to international markets, through which the company may enhance its competitiveness.

 PVFCCo representative receiving the Certificate and Logo of ‘Vietnam Value’ 2018.

In the past years, in order to maintain the role of a ‘National Brand’, PVFCCo has been innovating and upgrading product quality by the application of advanced manufacture and cutting-edge business management; the application of advanced technologies and the international quality control system.In 2018, the successful construction of Phu My NPK Plant with the most modern chemical technology in the world, which is the first chemical technology NPK Plant in Vietnam, has clearly demonstrated the commitment of PVFCCo to be a part of the program.

The recognition of Phu My Fertilizers as a National Brand is absolutely not a fortune. As Phu My Urea has been the only brand in the fertilizer industry standing in the Top 40 most valuable brands of Vietnam, for the 3rd consecutive time (2016-2018), with its constantly growing brand value throughout every year.PVFCCo understands that ‘National Brand’ is not simply a title for companies but a commitment of their constant improvement in product and service quality as well as the proactive participation in the National Branding program in order to contribute to the development of robust and reliable Vietnamese brands on the international market, and PVFCCo is currently following the appropriate direction for this.

It is known that 2018 is the 6th year the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has organized the program to select Vietnamese companies owning products meeting the requirements to be entitled the Vietnam Value logo. All of the certified brands are the leading robust and reliable domestic brands, whose products shall satisfy the values of “Quality - Innovation - Leadership”. The company must fulfill its liability of tax, environment, social insurance for the workforce, and it must possess quality control certificates in accordance with international criteria. In the elimination round of this year, from more than 1,500 registered enterprises, the Council of National Brand selected 97 strongest brands in the fields of manufacture and services to certify as the ‘National Brand’ and as an official partner of the Program.

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