The coffee season 2020, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) cooperates with the Highland Research Center for  Soils, Fertilizers & Environment to develop a model using Phu My NPK on coffee tree in basalt red soil area (Ferralsols) at Dak R’lap District, Dak Nong Province. The first months of 2020, due to unfavourable weather conditions and prolonged heat, there was a serious shortage of irrigation water for cultivation in the Central Highlands. In addition, local farmer’s cultivation techniques are still personally experienced, that lead to unreasonable fertilization. As the result, those affects the growth and development of the coffee garden and the efficiency of fertilizer usage is still very low. Especially, after fertilizing, some farmers find out that their plants grow poorly and have some symptoms such as yellow leaves for unknown reason, therefore, they shall evaluate the reason is due to fertilizer. For promptly technical supporting, consulting the cultivation and treatment process of orchards when facing the negative weather and promoting the efficiency of fertilizer usage, Phu My fertilizer and the Southeastern corporation produced formula sets including NPK 16-16-16+TE; 16-16-8+13S+TE và 16-7-17+TE to develop a model for coffee tree growing in order to compare with traditional cultivation of local farmers.

Farmers visited the model

On October 21st, 2020 was held a seminar for sharing cultivation experiences, practicing fertilization techniques, preventing harmful pests and diseases. Mr. Luong Duc Tri  (agricultural supervisor), fertilizer shop owners, local farmers and staff of PVFCCo were involved in the seminar.

Supervisor Luong Duc Tri instructed local farmers branches pruning skills

Mr. Dang Huu Thang - Deputy Head of Research, Marketing & Communications division of PVFCCo at the Seminar

According to the evaluation, the productivity of this model is reached 3,7 tons/ha, i.e. 0,4 tons/ha higher than that of the control coffee garden. Besides, coffee garden brings big seeds, thick filling, even ripe rates, etc. and pests and diseases have been reduced. Through the implementation of the model shows that in addition to providing quality products, it is necessary to provide technical support, information about products, how to use it, etc., in order to create deep trust from farmers as well as to promote the brand image more widely.

Consulting team gives advices to farmers about production at the garden

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