Transaction name
Petroleum and Petrochemical Corporation - JSC
Transaction code
Charter capital 2018
3,914 Billion VNĐ
Number of listed shares 2018
Understanding local - world vision
With accumulated resources and endless aspirations, solidarity, the best efforts of the employees collective, the mutual interest, support and support of the ancient With many customers and customers, the Corporation will certainly continue its glorious tradition, steadily moving forward with a new Step - New Journey.

Vision. Nguyen Tien Vinh

Chairman of PVFCCo board

The values ​​that make up the brand Dam Phu My
International quality
Leading technology
Durable systems
Environmentally friendly
For the good harvest
Gives you sharing and hands-on experience in agriculture, caring for plants, and using fertilizer effectively.
Produce and supply abundant and reliable sources of fertilizers and chemicals with reasonable prices and the best conditions for customers on the basis of ensuring production and business efficiency. , making a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the countrys agriculture and economy.
Top 40
The most valuable brand in
  • Top 3 ASEAN regional corporate governance.
  • Top 10 businesses that perform well socially.
  • Top 50 best listed companies.
  • First-class labor medal.
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