PVFCCo with meaningful milestones on the occasion of 14th anniversary


Fourteen years ago, on March 28, 2003, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Company (currently known as PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation - PVFCCo) was formally established. Since then, tasked with manufacturing and supplying abundant and reliable fertilizers and chemicals at affordable prices under best conditions to customers on the basis of guaranteed business performance, actively contributing to sustainable development of the country’s agriculture and economy, PVFCCo has constantly developed and enhanced its capacity of business, production and corporate governance.

Apart from the 14th anniversary, March 2017 also marks many events of great significance to PVFCCo. On March 02, 2017, at the Announcement Ceremony of High Quality Vietnamese Products 2017, PVFCCo won the High Quality Vietnamese Product Award voted by consumers. PVFCCo’s winning of this award immediately in the first year of Phu My Urea’s market launch and maintenance of this prestigious recognition for the last 14 consecutive years are mostly attributed to the effort of all PVFCCo employees in producing high quality, stable products, promptly providing deliveries as well as direct support to farmer, thus gaining consumers’ trust, support and votes for Phu My fertilizer products. This is also a motivation together with its key product Phu My Urea for PVFCCo to further strive for providing higher quality and more diversified Phu My fertilizer products to customers.

A practical and vivid expression of that striving spirit is PVFCCo’s determination to deploy the key project complex - upgrading its NH3 workshop’s capacity and building Phu My NPK Fertilizer Plant with chemical technology application. Started from the end of 2015, the Project complex has been on track and now is in the process of assembling the most important equipment at the construction site. In March 2017, the Project Management Unit received the first three important equipment assemblies from the licensor Haldor Topsoe AS (Denmark), including the Ammonia Converter 10-R-5002, excess heat-based boiler 10-E-5000 and the heat exchanger 10-HE-2001. These super-heavy, super-long equipment play essential roles in the Plant complex. Upon receipt, the units urgently proceeded with on-site installation and at 16:00 March 26, 2017 these three assemblies were successfully installed, marking a meaningful milestone in deployment of the Project complex as well as celebrating PVFCCo’s 14th anniversary.

Reportedly, this Project complex with the boosted capacity of 90,000 tons/year of NH3 and 250,000 tons/year of high-quality Phu My NPK based on the chemical technology is expected to be commissioned in the beginning of the third quarter of 2017 and to launch commercial products at the end of 2017. With active implementation process as mentioned above, it is certain that next year, at the age of 15, PVFCCo will embark on a new development step and keep contributing to bumper crops of the national agriculture and economy.