Phu My Fertilizer Plant marks a milestone of 10 million tons in urea output



Ho Chi Minh City, on July 15, 2017- PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo - stock code DPM, producer and trader of Phu My Fertilizers) announced that at 04:15 AM on July 15, 2017, PVFCCo’s Phu My Fertilizer Plant recorded the total output of 10 million tons of urea after more than 13 years in operation.

Phu My Fertilizer Plant has been constantly and safely operated at maximum capacity over the last 13 years, meeting over 40% of annual domestic demand for urea, significantly contributing to stable supply of fertilizers to the national agriculture, and helping PVFCCo become the leading fertilizer producer and trader in Vietnam. To maintain the leading position in the domestic fertilizer industry, the personnel of Phu My Fertilizer Plant has made a huge and relentless effort in production, safe and stable operation at designed capacity or even higher. This is the essential factor leading to the milestone of 10 million tons of urea today.

From July 15, 2017 to September 12, 2017, to celebrate this event and express the deep gratitude to farmers trusting Phu My Urea faithfully over years, PVFCCo is launching “Phu My Urea - Millions of Love” program nationwide with award value up to VND 10 billion in total. Farmers around the country are enthusiastically participating in this program, as evidenced by the fact that the numbers of messages paying awards via 8083 telephone number always remain high.

With the aim to become a leading fertilizer producer and trader in the region, PVFCCo is urgently implementing the complex project of revamping Ammonia (NH3) unit, and building the NPK fertilizer plant applying the chemical technology, which is currently the latest technology in the world. At the moment, the project is ready for commissioning in Q3/2017 and commercial operation in early 2018.

Reportedly, for the second year in a row, PVFCCo with its core product of Phu My Urea is the only fertilizer enterprise rated by Forbes Vietnam as one of Vietnam’s Top 40 Most Valuable Brands, with its value of USD 27.8 million, higher than that of 2016 (USD 27 million).