PVFCCo: New resilience from proud tradition


From proud tradition, PVFCCo is determined to make changes and new resilience to maintain its position as the leading unit in Vietnam's fertilizer industry.

The date of 21 September 2004 marks the most important milestone in the formation and development of PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo), when the Corporation took over Phu My Fertilizer Plant from international contractors. Phu My Urea products appeared in the market has basically changed the situation of supply-demand and Vietnam’s fertilizer market, from entirely dependent on constantly fluctuated imports of fertilizers, now to control 50% of the nitrogen fertilizer supply, contributing to the growth of agriculture and helping Vietnam become a powerful country in agricultural exports. With that historical significance, 21 September has become the Day of PVFCCo.

Farmers gratefully received the first Phu My Urea consignment

Fifteen years have passed, and PVFCCo has grown. Before, the corporation had the only plant that produced only one kind of fertilizer and one chemical product. Now, after having been implementing numberous projects, promoting research and development activities, it produces single fertilizers, single fertilizers supplementing substances to improve performance, compound fertilizers, mixtures with micro-nutrient supplements; liquid fertilizers, etc.; it supplies a serie of petrochemicals and additives for fertilizer production, C02 gas for food processing, etc. bringing the total annual output of fertilizers and chemicals to over 1 million tons of all kinds. At the same time, PVFCCo has also built a distributor network throughout the country, reaching out to the international market, along with stable workforces, modern management system and Phu My Fertilizer No.1 Brand in the fertilizer industry and among Top 40 most valuable brands in Vietnam. PVFCCo is also the leading unit in social security activities, taking care of unfortunate people in rural areas.

Panorama of Phu My NPK Plant

Not only proud of its long tradition and achievements gained over the years, PVFCCo has also acknowledged and assessed in a throughout and realistic way with both subjective and objective difficulties and challenges that the Corporation has been and will be facing in the new phase. These are potential challenges and risks in the operation of the Plant, gas source and cost of material gas, increasing competition in the market, shortage risk of surrounding staffs and inappropriate organizational apparatus and personnel, etc.

In order to overcome these difficulties and challenges, PVFCCo determines to review and adjust the Development Strategy to best suit the current context; continue to improve the governance system towards transparency and modernity; harmonize the interests of shareholders and customers; vigorously renovate leadership and executive methods; restructure, streamline its apparatus, create a professional working environment, as well as fair and worthy remuneration and development opportunities for employees; focuse on the completion of projects for investing, operating, maintaining, servicing and mastering new technologies and lines so that the Plant can operate in a stable, continuous, safe and effective way, focuse on improving both the system and each link in the distribution and consumption chain towards sustainability, maintain the existing market, promote development, and occupy new market segments; promote research and development activities, as well as the diversification of product sets; optimally exploit infrastructures, financial resources and using costs in an economical and efficient manner, etc.

PVFCCo’s units and divisions have been actively and seriously implementing the above solutions in both production, business activities and mass movements. In the atmosphere of celebrating 15 years of the Corporate Day, Phu My NPK Plant continues to launch new formulas to serve the Winter - Spring farming season/dry season. In addition, high-concentration organic fertilizer products, fertilizer products supplementing substances to improve performance, environment-friendly products, liquid fertilizers, etc. have also been urgently completed to officially circulate and trade in the market. These new formulas combined with the action to continually improve the quality of traditional products will diversify Phu My fertilizer product sets, fully meeting the demands to take care of different periods of growing plants. Besides, due to modern technology, high-quality input materials and output products, marketing staffs and agriculture engineers conscientiously advising farmers to use the products properly, even in severe weather conditions. Phu My fertilizer has helped plants to obtain high yields, ensure the quality of safe agricultural products, which meet the export standards to difficult international markets, have good prices and high economic efficiency.

Khanh Son durians have a bumper crop thanks to Phu My NPK

Healthy training movement, each employee participated in at least one sport, in which the climax event is the 12th PVFCCo Traditional Sport Festival being held in early September, which is also a highlight in the celebration of 15 years of the Traditional Day. The enthusiastic participation of more than 700 employees in 9 sports has demonstrated the seriousness of the staffs to exercise in order to work and contribute to the Corporation, and this event has also become a playground to connect, encourage officers and employees and create excitement in labor, contributing to improving the business plan of the Corporation

Competing in the team sport - tug of war

It can be said that from its proud tradition, PVFCCo is determined to make changes and new resilience to maintain its position as the leading unit in Vietnam's fertilizer industry.